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Our Giving Societies

Our giving societies recognize the most generous donors who make leadership gifts to our campaign. Members of each group are recognized in our annual listing and invited to special events in appreciation of their investment in the future of Maimonides.

The Rambam Society honors the philanthropic leadership of donors contributing $5,000 or more to our annual campaign.

The Atid Circle, focused on building a strong funding base for our future, recognizes those who generously give $1,000 to $4,999 to the campaign.

In addition to the
Rambam Society and Atid Circle, we celebrate our many alumni and grandparents who support our annual campaign.
Chevrat HaLapid - Alumni Giving Society
 Our graduates – over 2000 strong – are a global community with a steadfast connection to Maimonides School.

We welcome all -- from our youngest grads to those who are more established in their communities -- to join Chevrat HaLapid.

Class of 2013-2017

$ 18 minimum gift

Class of 2008-2012

$ 54 minimum gift

Class of 2003-2007

$108 minimum gift

Class of 2002 and earlier

$180 minimum gift

Make a donation to honor Maimonides 80th Anniversary and double your impact. Because every NEW or INCREASED gift you make will be matched 100%, up to $5,000.
$18 becomes $36
  $54 becomes $108
  $80 becomes  $160
Your donation will help us reach our GOAL of $40,000 by June 30, 2018.
Ateret Circle - Grandparent Giving Society
Our students' grandparents are an important part of our community and are honored in the Ateret Circle giving society. Grandparents making an annual campaign gift of $180 or more are welcomed into the Ateret Circle.
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