Early Childhood Center

A Sample Day

The specific daily schedule evolves to reflect the unique needs and group dynamics of each class. Below is a sample of activities on a typical day.  Additionally, your children benefit from the full range of Maimonides School resources, facilities and programs.


Early Morning Drop-off
All groups combine in one room or outside on the playground, weather permitting


Core Program

  • Free time and individualized center activities
  • Circle time — davening and calendar
  • Outside play
  • Snack
  • Inquiry-based, multi-sensory activities and projects
  • Interactive circle time #2 (for example: time to act out a holiday adventure or Torah story, or multisensory group literacy activity)
  • Wash up and lunch
  • Story time/literacy activities
Early Childhood Center at Maimonides School
ECC on the playground

Afternoon Program

  • Quiet time for all students.  Each age group has different amounts of quiet time, depending upon their needs
  • Snack time
  • Outside time
  • Enrichment activities are offered daily:music and movement, science and discovery, yoga and cooking

Extended Day
Groups join together for outside play, art activities, individualized center time and special projects


For more information and to register:

Robin Meyerowitz • (617) 232-4452 x307 • ecc@maimonides.org